Democratic Debate Recap: Everybody Loves Hillary

Saturday night. A night for relaxing, socializing with friends, attending ugly Christmas sweater parties, and of course … viewing the Democratic presidential debate. I was a little late to watching the debate because: kids, but once I hunkered down in front of the iPad to watch the spotty streaming coverage from ABC Go, I was fully engaged and invested in the 3 second clips I could catch between frozen screens and mismatched audio. (Not awesome, ABC. Also not awesome, husband who insisted we cut cable last month.)

At some point things synced up and I was able to watch the actual debate in all its glory. I was glad to see the candidates (generally) answer questions with relevant responses. Take note, GOP candidates. If the Republican debates could be characterized as making up in style what they lack in substance, the Democratic debates seem to be roughly the opposite — hence why I fell asleep roughly 45 minutes into watching. Even the hotly anticipated drama over the Sanders data breach snafu turned out to be little more than a fizzle.  Who wants to watch real policy talk? We want sound bites and shock value, damn it!

No but seriously, I fell asleep because I was exhausted, not because the candidates were super duper boring. Pinky swear.

So even though I missed the majority of this debate, here’s my summation of winners and losers:

Winners: my bed, Hillary (may the force be with her), Martha “I put the rad in” Raddatz

Losers: ABC Go, the DNC, Saturday night

These should get way better when we get official party candidates and cross-party debates. Trump vs. Clinton? I’ll get my popcorn ready now.