Feeling the Love

Recently I was hanging out with my kids in the family room when we heard their dad walking out of the home office and into the kitchen. “Hey,” I said to the 3 year old. “Why don’t you go give Dad a hug and tell him you love him?” He was very excited at the prospect and promptly dashed off into the kitchen.

“Daddy, I love you,” I overheard him say. And then — “Hold on. I have to go tell Mommy something verrrry special.”

I beamed. My heart swelled. And I realized, in this small moment, how all those parenting difficulties, toils and trials amounted to nothing in the face of this pure love that children can bring. This tiny person, so sweet and sincere — how did I get so lucky? How did my life get so full?

I waited for him with outstretched arms and a knowing smile. He rounded the corner, face alight, stopping just short of my ready embrace. “Mommy?”

“Yes, honey bunny,” I said, my smile growing bigger.

“…Could you get some more bananas? There’s only one left.”

Then he ran away.