Trump’s Latest Scandal and Why it Doesn’t Matter

Another day, another horrifying skeleton from Trump’s closet of disgustingness (yup, real word). As everyone has heard, Trump apparently was caught on tape a decade ago making lewd comments about women with a surprisingly receptive Billy Bush prior to a taped segment the two were doing. Trump brushed it off as “locker room banter” but then apologized after the backlash. Which, short of being unprecedented for Trump, was also basically worthless to everyone who was worked up about the clip, because ew.

I have to give credit to whoever dug up that audio, because how dedicated must he or she be to bringing down Trump? (I’ll give you a hint: the answer is incredibly effing dedicated. Like obsessively dedicated. Like Lifetime-movie-stalker dedicated.) But here’s the sad reality, Everyone: it really won’t matter. I mean, yeah, the Republican establishment — meaning most of the Republicans who are you, know, actually loyal to the party — will denounce the behavior, and everyone who already despises him will be even more righteously outraged, and maybe his running mate will finally realize he’s aligned himself with a raging fireball of orange-skinned stupidity, and maybe some things within the GOP will happen because eeeek, how far past the line of reasonable behavior must we go before we cease to defend it??? Because guys, we are already soooooo far past that line. Which, you know, are some significant things.

But for the election? Not gonna make one bit of a difference. There is virtually no chance that the ballots are going to change between now and November — I mean, people are already voting! Trump won’t pull out (in any sense of the phrase). Even if Pence drops his bigoted, misogynistic, narcissistic and pretty non-presidential in every way running mate, Trump will go on. Trump doesn’t give a shit.

And guess what? Neither do his voters. Seriously, can we even count how many horrific, awful, insulting things he’s said in the last few weeks, much less months or years??? The man is a walking asshole. And his people still want him. There’s a reason why he once said that he could go out into the middle of the street and shoot someone because no one would care. That reason is because No one. Would. Care.

They didn’t care when he called Mexicans rapists and criminals. They didn’t care when he wanted to build a wall to keep out undesirables. They didn’t care when he wanted to ban Muslims from the country. They didn’t care when he openly mocked a disabled reporter. They didn’t care when called women pigs, disgusting, and worse. They didn’t care when he made derogatory references to a journalist’s menstrual cycle because he didn’t like her questions to him. They didn’t care when he called his daughter a piece of ass. They didn’t care when he did or said or TWEETED (for God’s sake) umpteen other horrible, nasty things. So yeah – they don’t care when he talks about trying to forcibly have sex with a married woman, grossly objectifies her and other women, and brags about how he could grab women by the vagina because he’s a rich, powerful dude who can do whatever he wants and still get away with it.

Donald Trump has already proven that statement beyond any conceivable doubt: he’s a rich, powerful dude who can do whatever he wants and still get away with it. There are no repercussions. His voters still swarm around his bristling brand of arrogance like moths to a a flame.

So keep hoping, NeverTrumpers. But don’t hold your breath. He’s already grabbed millions of people by the pussy. And just like he predicted, they’re letting him.