Unfinished Business

I keep starting big long and important blog posts, and now I have approximately 7 big long and important half-finished blog posts sitting in my draft posts.

Something about watching kids and writing doesn’t seem to mesh well.

A few things that I HAVE been able to accomplish while watching kids: (and this is just for today!)

  • washed and dried laundry
  • dried laundry a second time because #@&$ing dryer is broken
  • washed dishes
  • cleaned floors and baseboards
  • vacuumed
  • cleaned cat puke (x5)
  • re-washed several blankets because cat puked on them
  • fed kids
  • dressed kids
  • cleaned kids
  • engaged kids in mental and physical stimulation (i.e. brought them to an indoor play gym where they ran around like wild animals for an hour. While speaking multiple languages and doing complex arithmetic.)
  • made up some lies about stuff my kids did
  • wrote 75% of this blog post

Kids are up now. One is crying. I…must go. Sadly.

But in blog news, I’m planning to live tweet the GOP debate tonight and hopefully put up a recap here in the next couple of days — if the tiny tyrants in my home give me the chance, that is.