What’s the deal here?

Recently I found myself complaining to a friend about politics in the Information Age. There is so much material available that it becomes increasingly difficult for the average person to vet the content they’re reading. What is accurate? What is misleading? What is totally ridiculous BS propaganda that frankly, the person who wrote it ought to be ashamed of? (Note: it’s usually this.) I mean, it’s kind of crazy! Blogs are everywhere! Misinformation abounds!

So then I thought, hmmm….I know some stuff. Why not add my voice to the mix? And thus PoliMama was born.

I can’t promise to always be right. I can’t promise to not be controversial at times.  But I can promise to give considered opinions and arguments (alongside heavy doses of humor) with a minimal amount of fear-mongering and hyperpartisan nonsense. If you like politics, can appreciate parenting and like jokes, please pull up a chair and hang out. If none of those things apply to you, I…don’t have much to offer you, sadly. Maybe check out some YouTube videos of kittens. I don’t know. This just got awkward.